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Today, Cherry Ong, a regular GPOD writer from British Columbia, Canada, is sharing photos from her recent trip.

I think your readers will like some photos of me visiting the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival.Surrounded by hundreds of sunflowers, it’s a wonderful feeling (sunflower Per year yearly), Dahlia (Dahlia × variabilis, Zone 8-10 or as tender bulb) and gladiolus (gladiolus Hybrid, zone 8-10 or as a tender light bulb)-like you are hugged by a good friend!

For those who are curious about the breed sunflower These are some of the tag names found in the field: Orange Hobbit, Little Becka, Sundance Kid, Double Dandy, Autumn Beauty, Lemon Queen, Lemon Eclair, Stella Gold, Orange Ruffles, Black Beauty, Ruby Eclipse, Red Wave, Velvet Queen, Moonshadow, Jade, Salt N Roast, Sunrich Orange.

Double Flower SunflowerThis double-flowered sunflower has an extra layer of folded petals.

Multicolored sunflowersThis two-color sunflower may seem to be of the “Ruby Eclipse” variety.

Sunflower with narrow petalsThis sunflower has unusual narrow petals; it looks like the “Stella Gold” variety.

Field full of sunflowersThe wide view of the sunflower field shows all the flowers of different sizes and colors.

A lot of sunflowersIt’s amazing-endless flowers!

Crimson petals sunflowerThere are incredible black flowers on this flower, which may be the “Black Beauty” variety. The extra beauty comes from the stems and leaf veins, which are also a bit darker.

Mix different colored dahliasThere is also a fairly large Dahlia boundary!SecondRochure said that 60 types of dahlias were planted this holiday. These are the varieties listed along the patch: Alfred Grill, Andrew Charles, Barabosa, Cafe au Lait, Ferncliff Inspiration, Happy Halloween, Jaxon, Karma Gold, Penhill Dark Monarch, Purple Flame, Purple Taiheijo, Triplecolor.

Dark pink dahliaOverlooking the long-term planting of dahlias.

Light pink and yellow dahliaThis perfect dahlia bloom looks like the “Alfred Grill” variety.

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