T20 World Cup: 24-hour assistance for people affected by bio-foam-ICC

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Teams participating in the T20 World Cup will receive 24-hour assistance from psychologists to help players deal with mental health issues in the bio-bubble.

“We should expect that the mental health of some people will be affected by being in confined conditions, especially those who have been confined for a long time. ICC will provide a 24-hour psychologist for any individual seeking help,” International Cricket Alex Marshall, the committee’s head of integrity, said in an interaction on Thursday.

“The team is also equipped with its own medical staff and has its own system to ensure that they take good care of the players.”

The game will start next week and will be played in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and regulations have been made to provide players with some freedom. Marshall said: “We can play golf on the golf course, and we reserved an area for them so that they (not to mix with the crowd).”

In order to maintain the bubble and health agreement, the International Criminal Court has established a biosafety scientific advisory group, which meets daily. “We should expect that we will get some positive cases. When someone is found to be positive, it will be submitted to the Biosafety Scientific Advisory Group. Those who test positive will be quarantined for 10 days and will be in contact with him for more than 15 minutes without wearing them. Close contacts of the mask will have to be quarantined for six days,” Marshall said.

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ICC also shared with the team a detailed document on what to do and what not to do in biofoam.

“The team has a detailed plan to send to them so that they understand the rules they must follow throughout the game. All these events depend on good discipline, and if people follow the rules and maintain discipline, we should have no problems. We We don’t want to see any violations. We think people understand the importance of it, but we also want team managers to strictly abide by the rules,” Marshall said.

The International Criminal Court allows up to 70% of spectators in the UAE stadium. -Getty Images

“If there is a violation, it is a matter of team management, and we hope (them) take it very seriously.”

ICC decided to allow approximately 70% of fans to enter the stadium, and there are some guidelines. “In stadiums, according to current regulations, masks must be worn. Of course, as the situation evolves, the rules will often change. I will encourage everyone to monitor the website to ensure that the rules in the stadium are properly followed for the fans,” he Say.

However, the fans will not have access to the players.

“I have been in these hotel lobbies all these years, seeing the enthusiasm, seeing how close the fans want, and the opportunity to take selfies. The players will be separated-they must stay in managed events In the environment, they will not directly mix up physically,” Marshall said, adding: “In this World Cup, I am afraid that there will be no people around the shoulders and the opportunity to take selfies with the players.”

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