The Future of Motion Graphics in Singapore: What’s Next?

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In a world where everything is moving, the art of motion graphics in Singapore has become an integral part of any modern design project. From TV and movies to architectural projects, there are few places you won’t find motion graphics these days.

What’s coming up next?

Let’s take a look.

While we are on the subject of future technologies, one that will undoubtedly shape motion design is virtual reality (VR). VR headsets have recently taken off in popularity with companies such as Sony (PlayStation VR), Oculus Rift, HTC and Google creating their own versions. These devices allow the creation of entire worlds that can be explored and interacted with. This opens up a new level of storytelling in motion graphics.

VR headsets will have an impact on every creative industry including architecture, film, video games, communication design, graphic design, and advertising to name just a few. Obviously, there is the possibility for individuals to create their own worlds within virtual reality but it will also be used to promote products like tourism destinations. This new technology will be a fresh challenge for existing motion graphics designers who are already experienced in creating animation and interactive videos.

This has the potential to be one of the biggest changes in motion graphics since computers were introduced. With VR headsets becoming more affordable, we can expect this technology to further develop within the motion graphics industry.

The future’s looking bright! Currently, the trend of motion graphics is immense. Many different industries are using these animations for their needs, such as in TV and film. The architectural industry is also using this type of animation to help with their projects. For example, the interactive video shown at the Milan Expo was done by design studio MK12 so that people could experience the expo themselves without having to attend in person.

These animations have become an integral part of any modern design project, so keep an eye out for more trends to come!

How are they used in the design world today?

Motion graphics are used in the design world today for many different purposes, from the more traditional uses of TV and film to architectural projects. Any modern design project would not be complete without it.

Motion graphics in Singapore is a growing industry, and with the introduction of new technologies, there are many different ways that it can be used in design projects. It brings another dimension to display data points and information as well as other features such as user interactivity.

Different types of motion graphics and how to use them

After you have a better understanding of what type of motion graphics you want to create, you then need to decide which technology works best for your needs. The most common type is Live Action Rendering which has been popularized by programs like Adobe after Effects and Apple Motion. Another type of motion graphics in Singapore is 3D animation which uses single or multiple objects to mimic movement. Other common types include physical modeling, vector-based animation, and parametric design.

Another important thing to know is the different ways you can use motion graphics. Common uses are for TV and Movie titles along with promotional videos, product launches, concerts and corporate videos. It can also be used for architectural projects such as showcasing a new building or developing a plan for an entire city.

Dark vs Light; and how to create a flicker for more visual interest

One of the main characteristics that can be found in many forms of motion graphics in Singapore is to use a dark background with light text or vice versa. However, there are some alternatives you may want to consider instead. For example, creating the illusion that the text is shimmering or twinkling, which may be more interesting to see.


Motion graphics and animation are hot topics in the design world. The future is bright for motion graphic designers, as it seems to be an ever-growing trend with new applications popping up every day. What’s coming next? We can only speculate, but we do know that there will always be room for creative types who can think outside of the box and create something beautiful out of nothing more than shapes and colors.

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