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As WBC and direct heavyweight champion Tyson Fury clashed with Deontay Wilder in Saturday’s pay-per-view trilogy, it was initially seen as the third meeting somewhat unprovoked due to contractual obligations It quickly became a must-see TV show.

Former unified champion Anthony Joshua’s loss to Oleksandr Usyk Two weeks ago, the near-term prospects of the sport’s charm department were reversed, which only increased the risk of the third Fury-Wilder battle. About 20 months later, Fury won the seventh round of TKO in their rematch.

The winner of this unexpected third game, Happened in the T-Mobile Arena in Las VegasFrom a business perspective, he may find himself a strong player in the department, moving forward as a record heavyweight face. The good news for fans is that no matter what the outcome is, you can look forward to action, because Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KO) seeks revenge for his unfounded accusations against Fury (30- 0-1, 21 KOs) Cheating in 2020.

Although the 35-year-old Wilder had two knockouts in a controversial draw in 2018, he lost most of the games in the 19 rounds between the two rounds of the series. However, this did not weaken his confidence, even after being suspended for the first time in their rematch, the now dismissed assistant coach Mark Breland surrendered and saved Wilder from a unilateral beating.

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“This will definitely be a war, but I don’t think [Fury] Will be able to stand with me,” Wilder told CBS Sports on Thursday. “Even on my worst day, under the conditions I was in, he couldn’t let me leave there. I finished the battle with my feet. Many years ago, I told a disloyal coach never to throw a towel at him. I told him to admit defeat. You can’t throw towels at warriors like kings like me. You let him fight to the end, because I have an equalizer. ”

The 33-year-old Fury has become a well-deserved betting darling after growing for the rematch and adding offensive SugarHill Steward as the new head coach. This change caused Fury to avoid his cunning and defensive boxing style from the first time they met, bringing the fight directly to Wilder from the opening bell.

Fury not only exposed Wilder’s ability to retreat, but also took advantage of his size and weight to lean on the injured enemy and stand up against the bigger boxer, thus gaining a significant psychological advantage.

Wilder is still a living weak because of his punching ability and the positive changes he has made during the intermission of the past two years. Wilder realigned the teams around him, adding new coaches Malix Scott and Downhouse. He also released multiple videos from training camps, demonstrating his new commitment to physical boxing.

Whether this means that Wilder will be effective remains to be seen. Fury doesn’t believe that anything new about Wilder will affect the results.

“You can go to college and get a master’s degree in nearly two years, so for boxers, it’s very easy to do,” Fury said at the last press conference on Wednesday. “But no matter what Deontay Wilder does, I still have to knock him down… [in] Fast time, fast fashion. Like my coach SugarHill said, we just ended with a bang. ”

Wilder insisted on what he said, that everyone from Fury to the referee, the Nevada Committee, and even members of his own team participated in a conspiracy aimed at knocking him down during the rematch. Although he accused him of wearing a 40-pound costume that weakened his power during the battle that night, he still plans to design an entrance similarly on Saturday night.

This is a wild tie. However, it is clear that Wilder is not worried about the impact of his comments on his public reputation, which makes even the psychologist sitting in the armchair realize that this is what made him the best person. Part.

“I have nothing to prove,” Wilder said. “I’m in a great place, a great mentality, and always have been. There are many great people around me who have been protecting me. There is nothing to prove. This is salvation, revenge, and retribution; above; all.”

However, Fury believes that all of Wilder’s quirks are signs of weakness.

“This is just to show you that I have been living in Wilder’s mind and have no rent for two years,” Fury said. “Every time he looks in the mirror, he sees Tyson Fury. Every time he closes his eyes before going to bed at night, he sees’Gypsy King’.” “When he woke up in the morning and remembered , He will think of Tyson Fury. It must be crazy to be so obsessed with people like me and so much in his life. It’s crazy.”

Since this involves hindering the third game, the good news for Wilder is that the same equation that has existed throughout his career is working.

“My favorite sentence is that these guys must be perfect in 12 rounds. I only need to be perfect in two seconds,” Wilder said. “I am one of the most dangerous-if not the most dangerous-boxers in the history of boxing, and my knockout ability will not diminish. It has been there since the beginning. [round] By the 12th, this is what makes me very dangerous. “

Fury vs. Wilder 3 battle card, odds

  • Tyson Fury (c) -270 vs. Deontay Wilder +220, WBC heavyweight champion
  • Frank Sanchez-180 Vs.Cartoon +155, heavyweight
  • Adam Kownacki -220 vs. Robert Helenius +180, heavyweight
  • Jared Anderson vs. Vladimir Treshkin, heavyweight


As long as it lasts, this has all the qualities to be a crossfire. Although Fuli boldly announced that he would participate in the knockouts before the 2020 rematch, his external motivations were questioned, but given his performance, his predictions proved to be a boon, including the apparent lack of resistance from the shocked Wilder .

Fury predicted another early stoppage, and has good reason to believe that it is possible, and it is still his best strategy. Although everyone from critics to Fury himself should expect an improved Wilder with nothing to lose when he enters the final blow of salvation, the best way to defeat the bully is still to stand by his side.

It goes without saying that Fury needs to skillfully balance his aggressiveness, not recklessness. Faced with such a dangerous enemy, one mistake may be too much. However, Fury’s unique size, speed, and elusive combination should be enough to do this.

No matter what Wilder left behind, he will be the most dangerous early stage.

Unlike his championship title, the latter often faces smaller enemies who are less skilled than Ferry. Wilder often relies on waiting for his opponent to be tired enough to make critical mistakes to open the angle to his mighty power to complete the battle. Wilder’s anger at this version is not so extravagant at all. He needs to guide his aggressiveness in the 2017 rematch with Berman Stevien, which is basically bankrupt in order to create a shootout.

Don’t be surprised if Fury gets caught or even knocked down on the road to victory in the third battle. Get ready to get him to stand up again, and then use his tricks and skills to complete the work in the fiercest and most exciting chapter of their competition.

Pick: KO5’s anger

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