Urban Decay Vice lipstick vegan formula

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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] There are several key ingredients in lipsticks to be classified as vegan. You will sometimes see beeswax as an ingredient, although many brands are increasingly replacing it with carnauba wax as a gloss agent that prevents melting. It is not a problem-free ingredient, but it comes from a plant (carnauba palm). More rarely, these days, lanolin will prevent the status of a vegetarian, and for a vegetarian, you can’t have carmine. The latter has caused more problems for brands than anything else. However, Urban Decay has launched a Vice Vegan series with matte, cream and gloss finishes.

Urban Decay Vice lipstick vegan formula

There are 35 shades to choose from, with the same high impact as Urban Decay, they are added with avocado oil, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to increase moisture. I really can’t distinguish the texture (although I have been using UD for a while)-the same old story, I don’t like matte, but cream and gloss are another matter, especially the gloss formula is gorgeous and super gloss. Delicious, actually.

Urban Decay Vice lipstick vegan formula

The shades from bottom to top are: Uptight (matte), Naked (cream), June Gloom (shiny) and Art Walk (matte). They are £19 each (sold for £15.20 at the time of writing) here Thank you for the 20% discount on the site. To be honest, now is the time to make your vegetarian friends a happy Christmas!In fact, if you are the kind of highly organized mentality, there is a half price Prince Palette, it’s not vegan, but absolutely amazing here)

I had already bought a few things at that time of the year-I just bought it when I saw it, and then there was no big panic in December. I mean, there are always, but few people know that I have mastered some of them. There are discounts everywhere now, so it’s really worth spending an hour or so to focus your attention on different gear.Unattached is here.

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