Use liquid or pellets when raising dracaena

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Dracaenas like Dragon Tree are an important supplement to your family. They have beautiful decorative leaves and are also recognized as effective air purifiers that can remove chemicals such as formaldehyde in the air. This can improve the air quality in your home.

In order to keep your Dracaena plant To be strong and healthy, you have to make sure they get enough light, water and food. Dracaena fertilizer will provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Read on to find out the best type of fertilizer, liquid or granular.

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The best fertilizer for dracaena

Fertilizers provide precious nutrients for dracaenas to thrive. Dracaenas are usually not known for being in full bloom. However, if you fertilize correctly, you will increase your chances of obtaining flowering plants.

Knowing what dracaena fertilizer to use is the first step. Liquid fertilizer is generally ideal because it allows more controlled and concentrated application. This is especially convenient for indoor indoor plants, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

Granular fertilizers are often more suitable for outdoor use because they can easily cover a larger space. The particle type is also more likely to be “slow-release”, with every rainfall releasing nutrients into the soil over time. Your indoor dracaena does not need this.

Dracaena will thrive in water-soluble commercial indoor plant fertilizers. You can buy these products at your local home and garden store or online.

Look for a 3:1:2 mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. You will see these nutrients listed as N, P and K on the packaging.

What are the effects of these nutrients? Nitrogen helps plants to grow green leaves, while phosphorus helps to develop healthy roots, and potassium supports the general cell functions of plants.

The mixture should also include sodium, zinc, manganese, copper and iron.

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When and how to fertilize dracaena

Although fertilizing dracaenas seems to be a simple process, there are several factors to consider. If you follow a careful fertilization plan as described below, you may damage the plants.

When to fertilize the dracaena

So, how often should you apply dracaena fertilizer to indoor plants such as Dracaena marginata? It depends on several factors.

When you bring the dracaena home for the first time, please wait one month before applying fertilizer. Personally, I will wait 6 months or more.

Your dracaena needs to adapt to its new position (it will be different in terms of lighting). Indoor dracaena needs bright indirect light. Premature fertilization will promote the active growth of plants and put pressure on the plants while they are still adapting to the environment.

Thereafter, in spring and summer, you should feed the flowers once every four weeks when the growth is most vigorous. This is the active growth stage and requires more nutrients.

A well-nourished dracaena will show healthy leaf and stem growth during the warmer months. If the growth is slow, the plant does not get enough nutrients. In this case, you can increase the fertilization to once every two weeks.

However, be aware of signs of over-fertilization, including brown or yellow leaf tips.

In autumn and winter, you don’t need fertilizer at all. During this period, the plant is basically dormant, storing nutrients in the roots to survive the winter.

How often you fertilize dracaena plants also depends on factors such as how much light it gets. Here are some general tips:

  • Dracaenas that receive a lot of sunlight (outdoors) should be fertilized every two months.
  • Dracaenas with moderate light should be fertilized four times a year.
  • Dracaenas with low light should be fertilized once or twice a year.

So, why does the amount of light affect fertilization? Sunlight will make plants grow faster and consume a lot of energy. Therefore, the more sunlight your dracaena receives, the more frequently you must fertilize the plants.

Fertilizer and water can cause Dracaena fluoride toxicity.

How to fertilize dracaena

Before you fertilize, gather your supplies. You need your fertilizer, a clean watering can or bucket, and a liquid measuring cup. Mix soluble fertilizer with water according to label instructions.

Ensure accurate measurement. You don’t want to risk over-fertilization. Use room temperature water and mix thoroughly with a stick or spoon until the fertilizer is completely dissolved.

Next, soak the soil thoroughly to the point where the water drains from the drainage holes at the bottom of the plant pot. If your pot does not have drain holes, you must be wiser. Don’t apply too much water.

If you overuse dracaena fertilizer, you will see signs of brown edges or tips or yellow leaves. If this is the case, place the dracaena in a sink or shower to leach the soil.

Let it sit in running water and let the water drain from the bottom of the pot for a minute or two. (If your dracaena pot does not have drainage holes, you must repot it before doing so). This will wash away the excess fertilizer.

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