Virat Kohli and the aggression of the Indian team

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India celebrated its 75th Independence Day this month. The happy hour coincides with the arrival of the Tokyo Olympics. India has won seven medals, including a gold medal: this is the best performance in the history of a global sporting event. In light and sound, the cricket team won a test match at Rodriguez, leading 1-0 in a five-match series.

People often ask about new ideas called New India. What is it? Who are these new Indians? The second week of August ending with sports glory around the world may be the answer. The new generation of Indians wants to win.

In the 1990s, India won a separate medal at the Olympics, and Leander Paes won the bronze medal in men’s tennis in Atlanta in 1996. This number has increased over time.

In those days, most Indian cricket players made verbal blows on the chin and kept going without saying a word. This is why Venkatesh Prasad-Aamer Sohail’s quarrel in the 1996 World Cup is unforgettable. This is a rare spectacle in which Indians respond with gestures and gestures.

Since the start of the game, the cricket players have been chatting. Stump microphones can be blamed on privacy violations. The technology ensures that they turn these conversations into entertainment for TV viewers. You start to judge players based on the words that stump mics bring to you. It doesn’t matter whether it provides a conversation or a complete tape.

Sledding in the high-profile test series will certainly attract people’s attention, but this is not a new phenomenon. In a competitive environment, how do you control your mind, where three fast bowlers are at the peak of your team? Psychologists reiterate that aggressiveness is essential in sports.

South Africa’s fast Dale Steyn looked threatening when he ran in. The same is true for Mitchell Johnson. The Australian has great speed. To be fair, the Indian team’s high-quality offensive pace added a lot of firepower to the Indian team, and captain Virat Kohli echoed the belligerence.

Jasprit Bumrah’s 10 goals ended, full of short films, England’s No. 11 batsman James Anderson launched a flying temper. When hitting the ball, the Indian pacemaker received a similar treatment from Mark Wood. In the end, Coley’s choice of Anderson made things worse.


On August 7th, in the first test match held at Trent Bridge, Indian captain Verat Kohli had a conversation with James Anderson of England. -AFP

Former players Glenn McGrath and Steve Waugh are members of Australia’s golden generation. They ruthlessly weakened their opponents. Their success is attributed to the power of their minds.

McGrath relied on his mind to execute those perfect outside waves. His mockery of the batsman may go astray, but the line and length are not. For him, the game requires “80% to 90%” of mental power. “Ability is 10% to 20% of the requirement,” a famous saying in the pace legend.

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Waugh often emphasizes his position on what constitutes a winning habit. “The secret of success comes from the power of the heart.”

These guys, along with Ricky Ponting, used to have a lot of fun with their opponents; often irritating them to be among the best in conferences. As part of the intimidation plan, Ponting will engage in unnecessary chats with opponent players.

Kohli’s crazy approach to him is similar. He just insisted on the sentiment set by the former captain Sourav Ganguly, who brought a change in the early 2000s.

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The international cricket world is still accepting Indian aggression. If Pat Cummins threw a bodyguard to Mohammed Shami in Australia and broke his forearm, it would be fine, but if an Indian threw a series of bodyguards to a pursuer far from home, Will cause discussion.

Today’s cricket test is result-oriented, and players are always eager to win. In the end, it was Corley who ran to Anderson to shake hands, proving that the intensity was limited to the passing of the game.

We must let the big players play the way they want. If you are playing cricket test, it will be very hot. Now, go to Headingley.

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