Virat Kohli: The Indian team will not be demoralized by Haidingli’s defeat

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On Saturday, after India’s batting error gave England a big win at Headingley Stadium, India’s captain Verat Kohli said Bureau and 76 running losses It was just an “abnormal” for him.

In the post-match press conference, Corley said: “This game is a bit abnormal for us. According to our performance in the first two series, we put ourselves in the position to win the championship. The second time. The test was also arranged to win the first test.”

emphasize – ENG vs IND, test 3, day 4

India resumed the game with a score of 215 on the fourth day and is ready to get rid of the new ball spells of the British seamen before taking full advantage of the good conditions provided. However, Ollie Robinson’s nagging lines caused a breakdown as he defeated Cheteshwar Pujara with an overnight score of 91 (189b, 15×4) and then eliminated Captain Virat Kohli (55, 125b, 8×4) and Rishabh Pant in quick succession.

As Ajinkya Rahane fell cheaply again, Anderson’s wonderful spell finally came to fruition on the other end. The visitor was eventually eliminated with a score of 278 and Robinson played for the host with a score of 5 to 65.

Kohli is still provocative, saying that his team does not want to read the numbers and statistics after a single defeat. “We analyze ourselves as a team based on our environment rather than numbers. This is all happening externally. Whether we are helping the team build partnerships and put the team in a favorable position, this is our only focus. It has nothing to do with the attention within the team,” he said.

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Reflecting on the setbacks in the game, Kohli admitted that the Indian bowlers lacked consistency and the batsman failed in the first game (it was tied to a trivial 78). “As a batting group, we lost in the first game. In the second game, we did better. As a bowling group, we admit that we are not stable enough. That’s it.”

The 32-year-old player believes that before the next test, the two sides have no specific issues to resolve. “I have insisted on this many times in the past, so that we will not fall into this area where we started to pick problems. We failed as a team and won as a team,” he said.

Difficult business hours

Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli added 99 runs on the third day, but quit quickly on the fourth day. -AP

Corley believes that the English seafarers have always maintained an exploratory line of attack. “Yesterday we played very well and let the game enter the fourth day. If Puhala and I can survive the first hour, it will be better. But the way they bowled with a new ball in the morning, especially the length , Forcing us to make accurate decisions in every ball decision. We need to know that they will not let us move forward easily and we should redouble our efforts to run,” he said.

Rest for the bowler

With the fourth test scheduled to begin in London within five days, Kohli stated that management will address the fatigue problem of its fast bowlers. “This will definitely happen (shuffle the bowlers). This is a very smart thing. We don’t want to push individuals to the point where they collapse. We will have a conversation with them to see who is placed physically and who needs it. Play a game,” Corley said.

‘We like this space’

Kohli remains confident in his team’s rapid transformation in the fourth test, adding that this defeat will not affect their psychological space. “If a victory guarantees you to win again, we should be here to smash England, that didn’t happen, because this is a new game, a new day. We like that in this case, people start to doubt and question our ability.

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“I can assure you that we will not lose morale because of this defeat. The people in the locker room are injured. They really want to correct what went wrong here. This is how we tested the next two times,” Corley commented road.

India ranked third after beating the World Test Championship standings and will face England at the London Oval from September 4.


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