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Today Susius is sharing a friend’s beautiful garden.

I want to share the beautiful garden of my neighbor and friend Dana Kline. I spent a day in her garden with her and her dog Hadley and thought it would be fun to share my photos with other gardeners in the daily garden photos! Dana’s garden is located in the historic Schenley Farms community (Zone 6b) in the Oakland area of ​​Pittsburgh. She started to build this garden in 2004, and it changes constantly with the seasons. These photos are of July, and you can imagine that spring, autumn and even winter have their own seasonal highlights.

The gardener stands at the end of the garden path at the doorDana is at the gate of the garden, a huge trumpet vine (Campsis Free radicals, Area 4-9) Arched crown of the head.

Garden path full of smooth hydrangeaLook down the path leading to the garden, Smooth hydrangea (Hydrangea arbor, Area 3-9) Arrange to the right along the path. I like the lushness and fullness of plants.

Admire the garden views from the terrace with ornate iron railingsThe garden view from the terrace is perfectly outlined by the stunning iron art.

Pink potted geraniumPotted Geranium (Geranium Hybrids, zones 9-11 or annual plants) based on architectural works become garden art.

Small garden pond with iron coverThere are beautiful iron art on the garden pond, which can prevent raccoons and pests from entering.

Dog next to a small garden pondThe Hadley dog ​​likes to watch fish and frogs safely on the other side of the iron fence.

Garden bed with large ornamental grasses and pink flowersThe lush garden bed is surrounded by manicured lawns. hedge.

Antique pedestal with garden beds on both sidesAn antique pedestal is the core of the garden.

Bright pink and orange rosesA beautiful rose shows that the color of the flower changes with age.

Looking at Gardner and the dog from behind the gardenDana and Hadley are enjoying the house and garden.

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