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Annual and tropical plants can add extraordinary color and texture to any garden, especially from late summer to early autumn, when many perennials wilt.exist Fine gardening Issue #177, The garden designer Laura Trowbridge wrote Feature Article About the process of creating a long and deep mixed border on the west side of her home in Peterborough, New Hampshire. This garden bed is the focal point of the landscape and can be seen from the kitchen, living room, master bedroom and backyard.

Deciduous and evergreen woody plants provide year-round structure for the border and visually connect the garden to the surrounding woodland landscape. The interesting combination of perennials adds another layer of interest. But what really makes this landscape special is that Laura leaves about half of the garden to the ever-changing palette of tender plants.That summer Fine gardening The staff came to take pictures and some of the prominent plants were “New Zealand Purple” castor (Castor New Zealand Purple”, area 9-11), “Strawberry Field” gomphrena (Gomphrena haageana ‘Strawberry Fields’, annual),’Violet Queen’ spider flower (Eichhornia crassipes ‘Violet Queen’, annual) and’Mysterious Spire Blue’ Salvia (Salvia ‘Balsalmisp’, zones 7-10).

After Laura finished planting at the end of May, the annual plants needed time to fill up, but by mid-July, the tender plants had established and began to show their capabilities. To help them thrive, Laura adds compost to the bed every other year and fertilizes every two weeks during the growing season. She covers, frequently waters and dead ends to maintain the performance and best condition of the plants.

If you want to add some annual flair to your garden, Laura says the most important thing is to leave enough space for the plants you want to add. Don’t be afraid to move annual plants to improve your design; as long as you water them, they can survive.

Special thanks to Swift Corwin for providing drone footage for this video.

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