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Today’s photo is from James Mahar.

We own 21.5 acres of wildlife sanctuary in Washington State, including a 20,000 square foot dedicated supply Pollinator. Here are some photos.

The garden is full of plants with pink flowersThis area is full of flowers loved by pollinators.You don’t have to be A beautiful garden, a garden conducive to pollinators, Because both humans and bees like the same thing: a lot of flowers!

Garden pond surrounded by plantsLots of Black Eyed Susan (Coneflower Fuljida, Area 4-9) backup this Garden pond. Waterscape Not only beautiful, but also very suitable wild animalsBees will especially appreciate rocks with low edges, which allows them to safely fetch water for drinking.

Bird feeder in the pollinator friendly gardenThis part of the garden is full of pink and purple tones of flowers, including many beeswax (Monalda Species and hybrids, zones 4-9).Newer option Bee paste They tend to be shorter and more compact, making them easier to use in many gardens, but they still have abundant flowers for pollinators.

Garden bed by the drivewayA pollinator garden is incomplete without a piece of it Milkweed (Asclepias Syria, Area 3-9), this is of course the key Host plant For the monarch butterfly. Common milkweed can actively spread in small gardens, so planting it on the edge of driveways or trails can help keep it growing.

A garden with many conifers in the backgroundhigh conifer Make a wonderful background for the garden and turn it into a closed little paradise.

The garden is overgrown with perennials with wooden fencesPlanning a long flowering period helps maintain a wide range of pollinator feeding.Black-eyed susan is here Blooming peak; In front of it, a group of sedum (Sedum ‘Autumn’ Joy’, zone 3-9) is full of buds, ready to bloom, allowing the pollinator gathering to continue.

Sunflower surrounded by pink flowersJoe Pye Weed (Vaccinium Purpura, Areas 4–9) and a huge sunflower (sunflower Per year, Every year) to provide high, dramatic and large amounts of food for pollinators.

Terrace table overlooking the gardenI wish I could sit in that chair and be immersed in this beautiful garden!

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