What does the box office of “No Time to Die” mean for the future of theaters

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Even before its release was postponed Coronavirus disease blockade, No time to die It should mark the end of an era. It must be the last film in which Daniel Craig will play James Bond. This not only means a farewell to an iteration of 007, but also an opportunity to fill in new roles. Flea bag Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge revised the script; Bond newcomers Lasana Lynch and Anna de Armas promised to remove the franchise from the Bond girl. It’s time to start a new stage of double 0 film. Then, this ending was shelved.

Finally, the release date is No time to die With the lifting of coronavirus restrictions and the cautious reopening of theaters, it will be changed four times. For a while, it seemed that the delay could weaken the franchise and let Bond’s sails dissipate. Now, on the first full day of the movie’s release, it seems that it might do better than on those stressful days in the spring of 2020.According to reports Deadline report, Director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s 007 film conservatively predicts that it will bring in US$60 million in the domestic box office this weekend.Ambitiously, it has the potential to exceed US$90 million, and this number is best suited for post-blockade Domestic record That Venom: Let the Massacre Released last weekend and the $88 million opening ceremony Heaven falls It was hit in 2012.

Like everything in Hollywood lately, this is just a reason to celebrate cautiously.Open weekend box office records for potential blockbusters, such as No time to die It has been rising roughly since launch Black widow In July. However, movie theater attendance is still not what it was before the pandemic. Every time there is a surge in Covid-19 cases (or something like a Delta variant), people’s silence on multiplexing increases. With the decline in the number of coronavirus cases in the United States, people have the opportunity to see the new Bond.But there are also speculations that because it is a 007 movie, it might Attract the elderly Compared with movie fans, they are less eager to return to movies venom.

Another fact is No time to die It is being released exclusively in theaters.Not like Black widow, Released on Disney+ at the same time, or soon dune, Will be available on HBO Max when it is released on October 22. Craig’s last performance as Bond will only be shown in theaters, and will promote the audience to see it in IMAX. (FWIW, I saw it in IMAX, it’s worth it.) For everyone who has been waiting for this version for more than a year-and more than five years ghost-The urge to see this during the opening weekend is expected to become strong.

also No time toPraise: Not bad.Critics have been giving this movie Good results, As the end of the Craig Bond era, this is a powerful era.At the time of writing, the pre-sale ticket is Outstanding performance Those ones F9 And new venom. Some people even speculate that this movie might Earn nearly 100 million U.S. dollars Domestic box office this weekend. In the end, a weekend may not have much impact on the fate of the global film industry, but as Hollywood is experiencing its own cultural reset, the release of legacy like the 007 movie may be an indicator. This may be when Bond is booming.

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