What kind of soil is the best?

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Succulents seem to become more and more popular among homeowners every year. This is because they often tolerate a little negligence, especially when it comes to water.

But more surprising is Succulents are so beautiful It’s when they bloom. A typical example is the Christmas cactus.

Blooming christmas cactus plantpin

When most other indoor plants are in a dormant state, these beautiful plants will produce charming lavender, pink, purple, red or white tubular flowers.

This committee Saussurea The genus is sometimes identified as a specific species (or Buckleyi cultivar group), and sometimes as an entire genus.

What makes it and Thanksgiving cactus (also Saussurea) Is just the time it blooms.

Although this is a somewhat easy-going houseplant, you still need the best conditions to bloom.

Among them, the soil of the plant is often the most overlooked aspect.

What kind of soil do I use to grow Christmas cactus?

Choosing a good soil is simple and complex, depending on how much care you plan to give Christmas cactus.

Let’s take a look at the various soils you can buy or mix at home.

Note: Soil pH is very important

Always make sure that the soil is neutral to slightly acidic for best results.

Depending on the species, your Christmas cactus needs a soil pH of 5.7 to 6.5 or 5.5 to 6.2.

If you do not use pre-packaged soil, you can test the pH of the soil by purchasing a test kit.

Purchase commercial soil

Whether you are lazy or have other cacti at home, commercial soil is one of the fastest and easiest options.

You can use high-quality universal potting mixtures in the most basic range.

However, you may need to modify this type of soil because these plants prefer soils with high organic matter content.

Another option is to use a decent cactus mixture.

These usually have a good mix of organic matter and aggregate, although you still need to fertilize occasionally.

Please note that buying cheap commercial soil increases the chance of your plants being contaminated by garden pests or other health risks that are not handled properly before packaging.

Mix your own soil

So far, the best option is to make it yourself Succulent Soil Mix.

The most basic recipe involves buying and pretreating a universal soil mixture or harvesting some soil that you have previously composted.

Mix some bark, coarse sand, or perlite in a ratio of two parts aggregate to three parts soil.

This ensures that the soil will not be flooded while still providing sufficient nutrients.

When propagating Christmas cactus, another very effective method is to use an equal amount of organic matter and aggregate.

Organic matter may include compost, leaf mold or peat.

This not only makes a mixture rich in humus and nutrients, but also helps prevent the soil from drying out too quickly.

At the same time, the aggregate helps prevent the potting mixture from retaining too much water.

Suitable aggregates include coarse sand, gravel or perlite.

Change soil

Remember that over time, plants will slowly draw nutrients from the soil.

This is why you need to fertilize regularly.

Over time, the soil will retain calcium, salt and other toxins, making the cactus more and more uncomfortable.

As a general rule, you should transplant Christmas cacti every three years.

Use this time to completely replace the soil, discard the old soil or mix it into your compost pile.

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