What to do when Gmail Keeps Stopping?

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Gmail is one of the most commonly used email services by people worldwide. Gmail gives a variety of features and functions to the people who use the Gmail application. In today’s time where everything is going on online even the work which is now work from home. And for work from home Emails are a major way to connect and convey things to each other, to give work or to submit work, and even to share documents and other contents and items with different people. But what happens if your Gmail app keeps crashing, obviously it will be quite irritating for you, if your Gmail keeps on stopping again and again. You are supposed to do something to get rid of this problem but before this we must know exactly what is causing this problem. So, first we will look into the causes then we will move forward to the solution of the problems.

Reasons Why your Gmail Application Keeps on Stopping 

  1. Overloading of the cache

The cache files of the Gmail application might be overloading because of which the app keeps on stopping and that obviously annoys you.

  1. Pending updates of the app or system

The updates of your Gmail application or even your system can be responsible for the continuous stopping of the Gmail application. If your Gmail app is not updated to its latest version, then it creates problems for the users to keep using the Gmail application. Also, if your system is not updated to the latest version then also the users will face issues while sending or receiving the emails or doing any other thing, the app will keep crashing.

  1. Errors and system bugs

Another factor that might be the reason why Gmail keeps stopping. The errors in the systems or the bugs or we can even use the word virus which interrupts the working of the Gmail application.

  1. Junk files getting loaded in your device

Now, if your device is loaded with the junk files it will keep on hanging which will ultimately cause the crashing of the Gmail app.

Ways to Fix the Problems of Crashing of the Gmail Application

  1. Quit the app and then enter in it again

If your app keeps on crashing, you should first get out of the application, close it, and then open the app again, it might start working properly.

  1. Get rid of the cache data
  • Users should go to the settings and then to the apps option.
  • Now, locate the Gmail application after opening
  • In the storage option you have to clear the Cache and data to get rid of the Gmail app crashing.
  1. Get the latest version of the application

Now, the next way is to get the latest and updated version of your application.

  • First go to the Google play store application.
  • After that look for the Gmail application there.
  • Once you find the app you have to click on it and then look for updates, then click on the Update option.
  • Now, when the update is completed just install it.
  1. Clear the storage of your device

The last thing you should try to fix your problem is that you have to clean your storage. You are supposed to clean the junk files from your device, you can also delete the unnecessary and unwanted photos, videos, audios or documents etc whatever there is on your device also, you can get rid of the unwanted applications of your device.

If you want to gain more information on Gmail, its working, its functions and other issues you can try visiting the website Emails Crunch.

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