Why did my majesty’s palm turn yellow?

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Majesty Palm (Ravenea rivularis) is named for its truly majestic appearance. In the wild, this native of Madagascar can reach a height of about 40 feet. The canopy can be extended to 10 feet wide.

In the United States, far from its native environment, this palm tree is very suitable as an outdoor tree in tropical and subtropical environments. It can also be kept as a houseplant or container plant, and is usually up to about 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide.

Majestic Palm Yellow Leafpin

When stored in a container, this beautiful palm works well when placed outdoors in warm months and brought in in winter. In this article, we solved the common problem of yellow leaves. Read on to learn more.

How does a healthy majesty palm tree look?

A normal, healthy, young Majesty Palm has a green central stem or trunk with brown marks. As the tree matures, the trunk becomes a uniform light gray.

The healthy majesty palm leaves are long and very dark green. Each leaf has multiple slender leaves. Each healthy leaf curls slightly and gracefully at the tip.

How do you keep palm green and healthy?

Majesty Palms will remain healthy and green under conditions that mimic the natural home environment of Madagascar. This tree naturally grows under the taller trees in the forest environment.

It grows best in damp areas with good drainage, such as sloping river banks along streams. It can perform well in light environments ranging from partial shade to full sunlight.

If you happen to live in the USDA Hardiness Zone 9 to 11, your Majesty Palm is likely to be happy outdoors all year round, and may not grow yellow leaves and will remain very healthy.

In environments where these basic necessities are not provided, yellow leaves are a very common disease and unhappiness symptom in Majesty Palms. It grows as an indoor plant in many home environments, where the air is too dry, the light is too dark, and the soil moisture is too much or insufficient. These unbalanced conditions are a common cause of yellow leaves.

Avoid yellowing leaves on Majesty Palm by providing these 8 conditions

Dappled sunlight

The best lighting for Majesty Palm is the type of intermittent sunlight it receives under the forest. Excessive direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing them to turn yellow and then brown.

Although Majesty Palm performs well in relatively low-light environments, its growth rate will be slow. In very dark places, plants will not grow at all, and the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. The reason for this is that your Majesty’s palm tree, like all plants, needs enough sunlight for photosynthesis.

The majestic palm trees are kept at very low light levels, and new leaves will continue to grow at the top, but the lower leaves will turn into yellow leaves and fall off. If this happens, you need to move your Majesty Palm to an area of ​​your home that receives at least 6 hours of indirect bright sunlight every day.

Continuous watering

Another thing that can cause Majesty Palm leaves to turn yellow and fall is the wrong amount of water. Too much watering (too much water) or insufficient watering (dryness) can cause this common problem.

Unlike most plants, Majesty Palms does not recommend the use of soaking and dry watering methods. Allowing the soil to dry out and then get wet will put pressure on these plants. It is essential to keep the soil slightly moist at all times.

If you water too little, your Majesty Palm will grow brown leaf tips. If you water too much, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. Excessive water can also cause root rot.

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Well-ventilated potting mix

Your goal is to provide your Majesty Palm with light, ventilated and well-drained soil, so that the soil is always moist but never soaked.

In addition to well-drained fertile soil, you must also ensure that the plant’s container has enough drainage holes.

Jungle humidity

In addition to persistently moist soil, this tropical plant also likes persistently moist air. Very low humidity levels can cause new leaves to appear brown edges and then turn yellow completely.

It is a good idea to place a humidifier near your Majesty Palm. If this is not possible, you can set up a cobblestone tray and/or mist the leaves every day to increase the humidity level.

Consistently warm

The temperature is too hot or too cold or sudden changes can also cause damage to the leaves. Ensure that your plant is always kept within the temperature range between 65°F and 80°F without sudden and frequent changes.

Please be sure to protect your Majesty Palm from hot or cold wind. Keep it away from doors and windows where extremely cold or extremely hot air may enter. Do not place plants near heating or air conditioning vents.

Regular feeding

The imperfect palm can also show signs of yellow leaves and other diseases. For best results, feed your plants with iron-containing normal houseplant fertilizers every few months in spring and summer.

It is also a good idea to sprinkle a little Epsom salt on the surface of the soil around the plants every month throughout the growing season to increase magnesium.

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Give your plants a chance to rest in winter. Don’t fertilize it in winter.

Pest control

One of the reasons why the leaves turn yellow is pests or insect infestations. Plants that are not properly cared for can become targets of pests, such as:

Check your plants frequently for signs of these pests, and if you find them, take immediate steps to eliminate them.

Regular beauty

Majesty Palms will grow yellow leaves under any pressure, but it is also necessary to understand that it is normal for a certain amount of leaves to turn yellow and brown.

If your plant occasionally has brown or yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant, there is no need to worry. Trim it off with a sharp sterile knife to improve the appearance of the plant.

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