WrestleMania 37: Bad Bunny showed a shockingly excellent Tour de France in his first victory

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The phrase “Bad Bunny is at WrestleMania” is reminiscent of one of two images: either a Puerto Rican pop star performing at this year’s biggest WWE event, or a promotional event to attract young audiences with fancy celebrities , Making a strange and desperate effort appearance. This was not the case on Saturday, but fortunately, for the WWE Universe, especially those attending at Raymond James Stadium, the latter is especially unrealistic.

Over the past few weeks, Bad Bunny and The Miz have had a feud due to the pop star’s refusal to work with him. After some guitar damage, expensive car damage, and damage to the ring, the discord evolved into a doubles match between the Puerto Rican singer and his friend Damian Priest and The Miz and John Morrison.

Bunny boarded a huge truck, reminiscent of the cover of his latest album “El Último Tour del Mundo”, amidst the cheers of the Tampa crowd. Although the priest was hesitant at first, he was ridiculed by Meads and Morrison and told him to jump into the ring first.

As any regular WWE observer would expect, Bunny was able to show surprising athleticism as he moved around the ring and hit his opponent. But this is not just the self-bragged of the Grammy award-winning star, because he looked like a veteran throughout the game.

Here are some highlights of the game.

It’s hard to exaggerate how great this all is, so I will let some exaggeration of Twitter do this.

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