WV Raman supports all-around player Hanuma Vihari for the remaining tests

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Former Indian batsman WV Raman believes that Virat Kohli’s team can field six professional batsmen and four fast bowlers in overseas tests, provided the batsman provides some spin to maintain balance.

“If you strengthen your shot in a way that allows someone like Hanuma Vihari to get the same restrictive 10-15 points from Ravindra Jadeja or Ravichandran Ashwin, you can stick to four pacemakers.

“Most of the small goalkeepers are occupied by fast bowlers. If additional players want to fill some spins, you can choose the batting option,” Raman said in a virtual interaction with the media after India lost the game in Leeds.

When asked whether India should consider using two spinners in the field of 16 of the 40 wickets in 2018, Raman said that it largely depends on how much the field is used this season and whether there is moisture. .

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India’s batting failed twice in a red ball cricket match in one year. They were fired 36 times in Adelaide on the tour and 78 times in Leeds last week. Especially the mid-level players have been criticized for their inability to cope with overseas moves. The decline in Ajinkya Rahane’s status was particularly severe, with an average of 21.06 in the 2021 test.

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However, Raman supports Rahane and said that the solution to the mid-level crisis is to add a batsman instead of giving up a batsman.

“Rahane has a lot of experience. He has played enough international cricket. He has run abroad. He just needs to figure out the methods and methods he must take to succeed.”

Raman added that team managers should look at the root cause and assess defects based on individual circumstances, rather than focusing on averages and operations. “Analyzing the numbers is not the most difficult thing. The key factor is trying to explain why something happened and how to mitigate it.”

The former cricketer said that the batsman could remove a leaf from the way KL Rahul hit the ball in Nottingham in the opener, where he “closes to the body, walks along the track and hopes to leave the ball as much as possible. “.

Speaking of Villat Koli’s state and captain, Raman said that the captain is under great pressure. “We are very concerned about everything he does. Obviously, we have high expectations for him. If I were the coach, I would tell Viratt to stop leading from the front and try to push others from behind, leading from behind.”

Powder ball test

Raman is the former coach of the Indian women’s cricket team. She supported the girls to challenge the Australian team in their first pink ball test mission in Perth in September. “They don’t know what the seam movement provided by the pink ball for the bowler will bring. The Australians are more aggressive than the British girls. Their bowlers are very fast and can pitch between 125-130 km/h,” He said.

“Most girls are good at playing in front of the wicket. But their ability to make cuts and pulls will be tested. However, if there are other teams that can challenge Australian and British girls, that would be great.” It’s us of [Indian] Girl,” Raman added.

Watch the fourth UK tour test on SONY 6 and SONY 104 (Tamil and Telugu) channels from September 2 to 6, 2021, at 3:30 pm U.S. Standard Time.

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