WWE WrestleMania 37: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan embrace fans who have returned after the thriving ThunderDome era

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At WrestleMania 37, WWE will welcome the first live main event since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 25,000 fans will participate in the two-day match at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. In the main event on Sunday’s first night, Roman Rains will defend the 2021 Royal Battle champions Edgie and Daniel Bryan’s global championship.Although these three people have Impossible journey to the main event, They must also become top stars in the most unique era in the history of professional wrestling.

At the beginning of the pandemic, WWE moved all shows, including WrestleMania 36, ​​to its performance center in Orlando, Florida. They eventually transferred operations to ThunderDome, a well-designed setting that brought back standard entrances and elaborate fireworks displays that fans can almost watch on the video boards around the ring. ThunderDome was initially placed in the Amway Center in Orlando, and then moved to Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For Bryan, there was a unique thrill in the early days of wrestling in the empty WWE Performance Center at the beginning of the pandemic—the appeal in the locker room was very limited.

Brian told the CBS Sports Channel: “When we wrestle in the performance center in front of no one, there are no additional sound effects. I can’t tell you how excited I am.” “I thought,’This is so cool.’ Others People don’t think so. As an audience, it’s certainly not that interesting. But for me, I don’t know if I consider myself an artist, but what we do is art. This is for how good you are in art. I really like the challenge. A few people really like it. I talked about it with Cesaro, and Drew Gulak. We talked about this, no one, one of the positives is that you don’t have to entertain people to live and Can do some wrestling things better. It’s just the difference between theater and cinema, right? For people who wrestle for a long time like me, I like any kind of small changes.

“But yes, I am ready to let the fans come back. I am ready to receive instant feedback. There is nothing more appropriate than professional wrestling in front of a live audience. It doesn’t matter whether it is 300 people or participating in a competition. Reach 25,000 people. Obviously, bigger stadiums will be cooler, and you will get immediate feedback on what you have done. Especially after my concussion has recovered, it has been taken to another level and I will be playing , I get chills sometimes. I’m very excited, but I don’t want to reduce my fun of wrestling in front of no one, because that is my alley.”

Although Bryan believes he is the kind of artist who can thrive on the blank canvas provided by the empty performance center, he moved to ThunderDome and Reigns’ return, as a cancer survivor, out of caution, did not participate in the beginning of the pandemic. The fact is It proves that this is a learning experience for many veterans among the greatest ring geniuses in WWE history.

Since participating in SummerSlam 2020, Reigns’s role has taken on a new dimension, both as a heel wrestling, and through interviews and his work in the ring that brings a mix of arrogance and fierceness.

“When I watched the show and from the perspective of the character and the way he transformed into wrestling in ThunderDome, I thought,’That’s a genius,'” Brian said. “I don’t know if this is suitable for ordinary audiences, but he has accepted it and emphasized the positive factor of the absence of crowds…. From the perspective of the role, Rome is just at a different level from other people in this era. “

The key to Reigns’ “genius” for Bryan is not only due to his role work on the microphone, which has won Reigns’ long-deserved criticism and praise, but due to the unique intimacy provided to the environment in ThunderDome. Degree of understanding. Tell stories in the game.

Bryan focuses on ribs, kicks, and body movements that can be heard without fans present, and Rains adds a unique dialogue to his game. This has always been the focus of Reigns’s discord with Jey Uso and Kevin Owens, allowing Reigns to tell the story within the ring with visual and audio beats.

“I agree 100% [that the stories are boosted by the intimacy of the environment],” Brian said. “And he can speak more quietly. It will be more difficult to do this in front of a live audience. The ability to speak trash to opponents in a game…like, I think things with Jey Uso are great. Not only the games they participated in, but also the story of the game is told in audio format, not just the visual format of wrestling. This is one of them. For me, I hate to use the word “genius” too much, but I can see things in a new light and see the positive side. This is something I completely missed. When I was thinking about wrestling at Performance Center and ThunderDome, I thought the audio would be great for very physical wrestling, you can hear kicks and cheating. Because there are no fans, you will be able to feel the body more. I never thought about talking about the rubbish Roman said, and through this process, I told the story he told. When he first participated in the Jey Uso competition, I thought,’Gosh, why didn’t I think of this? ‘”

Like almost everyone, Rains said he was excited about the return of the live audience. Wrestling, at its best, is an art form driven by the interaction between performers and crowds. Fans can have a significant impact on the game, not just through presentations and visual effects, but by providing feedback to the wrestlers about connecting and unconnected with the audience.

In an interview with CBS Sports, Edge discussed how difficult it is to perform without receiving feedback. He said that he had to rely on an “intuitive compass” and use his decades of knowledge to internally calculate the audience’s interviews with him. And the reaction of the game.

Reigns agreed with Edge and explained that even though his work in ThunderDome is very popular, what he is most excited about in WrestleMania is to show himself and his current role to the live audience, and get live people from the stands. The real connection. This will provide him with the verification he has missed in improving his game in the past eight months.

“Edge didn’t lie. It’s tough,” Reigns said. “It’s difficult to do this in front of no one, but there’s no doubt that it’s better to have a ThunderDome. But it’s not a real connection. The crowd doesn’t decide what we’re doing. They won’t change my rhythm without a voice. Call, because this is their interest or anything. This kind of participation is essential to this art form. It is based on the interaction that triggers a reaction. Without it, we are not in the purest state of performance. There is no doubt that, There is a group of people—whether it is a full house, half person or a quarter of people—someone is there to really participate in this performance with us, and have an emotional roller coaster of body stories with us, and nothing is liked. It. For me, it’s even more so, because I went back to SummerSlam, which was the first week of ThunderDome; I think, that’s all I did. So for me, Sunday night is not just that night. , This will be all the time that has been established until that night.

“I took nine months of work-character development, dedication to personality and the details of the stories I tell every week. Being able to put all the hard work and the ball on the grandest stage, this is the ultimate That’s the cake. That’s the reward. That’s the trophy. Being able to put all of this there and feel the crowd, whether they acknowledge me correctly or their boos really annoys me. That will be what I do week after week A sign of my hard work and everything I have done… Since August, I have not taken a week’s rest. I have participated in every SmackDown program, multiple parts, every week. My TV time on SmackDown is better than There are more than any other superstars. For me, WrestleMania is more than just interaction. It can go out, get that satisfaction from the audience and the respect I desire, what I show, what drives me to be the greatest.”

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