WWE WrestleMania 37: Roman Reigns, Edge and Daniel Bryan reflect on the incredible journey of the epic main event

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On Sunday night, WrestleMania 37 will end the two-night event with a major event, in which Roman Rains will defend the global championship with Edgie and Daniel Bryan. This game is one of the most unlikely matches in the decades-long history of the largest event offered by WWE.

All three have faced health conditions before, which forced them to face life without wrestling. After more than a decade of remission, Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoa’i, was forced to withdraw from the world championship title when he found out he was battling leukemia in 2018. In 2019, when the cancer has resolved again, he will return to the game. Brian, whose real name is Brian Danielson, experienced a series of concussions that forced him to officially retire in 2016. After more than two years of evaluation and persistence, he finally qualified for the ring competition in 2018.

For Edge, whose real name is Adam Copeland, the journey is even longer. In 2011, Edge began to feel numbness in his arm after undergoing cervical fusion surgery and was forced to retire. The doctor told him that continuing to participate in wrestling competitions may cause paralysis or death. It wasn’t until the Royal Battle in 2020, when he unexpectedly appeared in the game, that Edge re-entered the wrestling arena as a contestant.

Edge left in 2011 and won’t be allowed to return until January 2020.


Even with similar experiences, all three told CBS Sports that they have not yet sat down to discuss the impossibility of the current major event being the biggest event of the year.

“We haven’t, I believe there will be that moment, but I think it will be before or after that game, you can hear the roar of the crowd, know that this really happened,” Edge said. “Right now, nothing feels true. This aspect of this thing exists with three people, and they thought it might be the case. If you look at this aspect of the story, it’s hard to hate any character. This is Part of our work. If you look at this from Joe, Bryan, and Adam’s perspective, all three of us think it won’t happen again at some point. It’s kind of crazy. It’s really. I think we will have Time to really sit down and reflect, but it may be after the game is over. Then it will say,’Well, we did it. We did it. There was a time when we thought we would never do it. This is very special.”

Bryan will watch his wife Bribeira induct into the WWE Hall of Fame on Tuesday night. He said that this was not his own journey back to the main WrestleMania event, but most of his thoughts.

“The strange thing is that it flashed in my mind, but I didn’t actually think about it in any depth. I didn’t have a deep appreciation for it,” Brian said. “This is something I need to do myself. A lot of things in life go so fast, right? Now, my family — I believe all three families — are at this stage, with the COVID Being relieved, it means that my wife is more busy and she will also enter the Hall of Fame. We are like passing ships at night, sometimes bringing children to and fro, traveling, etc. Sometimes, you are too addicted to not really Appreciate how amazing it is.

“It took me some time to appreciate how great my wife was in the Hall of Fame-it is very cool for me as a husband, and I am very proud of it. I have accepted that I have less time to appreciate this, hey, I will participate in the main event of WrestleMania again. A few years ago, this seemed unrealistic to me. Then I can really reflect on the two people I respect and the three of us. I thought for a while, but never sat down deeply. Thanks it is happening.”

Rains left wrestling for a much shorter time than his two opponents, and the speed from withdrawing due to leukemia to returning in less than a year was surprisingly fast.

Even so, he still hinted that there is a certain self-evident connection between these three people, rooted in all the experience of taking wrestling from them in a cruel and unexpected way.

“To be honest, I don’t think I have really paid attention to it,” Rains said. “I think it’s just because of experience. I think we can be connected and parallel. All our mindsets are that we are all grateful for the opportunities brought by today and today. I think in our own way, and when it’s not there, we experience Through that feeling. We all wake up and the show continues without us. Although we haven’t sat down to talk about it, there is a strange connection and chemistry. I’m not sure if they have the same feeling or experience I’ve been through the same things, but I can feel it through them. Our wives. We are all deeply grateful for the opportunity to have health, wake up, become bodies, become athletes, and become storytellers. There is no form of entertainment like ours, You can exercise every feeling, every emotion, from feeling, touch, smell-everything is part of our performance. This is where we are closely connected.”

Roman Rains was forced to withdraw from the world championship after a relapse of leukemia.


Between Edge and Bryan, the latter retired later and returned earlier. After retiring, Edge has been on the verge of WWE, sometimes as a special guest, and with his old friend and label team partner Christian, he became one of the stars of WWE’s online comedy show.

When Bryan was excited to announce his return, Edge flashed by. He did not bring any hope to the Hall of Famers, hoping that he would return to the ring in a few years.

“I didn’t look at the product, so I didn’t see anything for a while,” Edge admitted. “Looking back now, this is a bit like the mourning stage after taking this thing from me. It takes time. It really did. During that time, I missed a lot of things, and this is one of them. See. I know that every injury is different, right? I heard that he can come back, but his concussion problem. I know that the spine and concussion-or leukemia-are very different things. So you can’t Too addicted to, “Oh, man! That guy is back! “They are just completely different situations. I am happy for him because anytime you can get this thing back, this thing you love, this thing you ever wanted to do-Daniel Bryan is like this The situation-it makes you smile. But it will never start the wheels for me or anything.”

Edge will have an on-screen dispute with former label partner Randy Orton immediately after the 2020 Royal War, leading to a showdown of WrestleMania 36 and a rematch of Backlash, which WWE calls “the greatest wrestling match ever.” When filming the game before the live Backlash broadcast, his triceps tore and reappeared on the sidelines.

However, this injury did not make Copeland any doubt about his decision to return as a genius in the ring. If anything, he was surprised that his neck was not the reason for putting him on the shelf.

“I thought,’Well, that’s it,'” Edge said. “Now I am 47 years old, and I ask my body to do this. We have 48 minutes of competition. You know I will go from zero to hero, right? So this may have some impact. For me, I Just thought, “Wow. This is not my neck. Amazing. “This is really how I have to look at it. The most important thing is that I’m still accepting the pandemic and performing in front of no one. For me, it’s much bigger, like,’I want to be in no one Do this thing next? Audience? Am I coming back to do this thing just to do it without an audience? It’s just looking at this aspect selfishly because I know it’s better than jumping around in a tights Much bigger fish.” Back and forth. That has passed. Is this not interesting anymore? That is more of a problem. But injured? No, I did worse than that.

Daniel Bryan announced emotionally that he will retire on Raw.


For Brian, the experience of seeing a legend return is much more positive. After all, he has returned to the ring, doing what he likes to do. Therefore, seeing Edge has the opportunity to tie up his boots and run again is just a positive experience.

“Do you know? It’s weird,” Brian said. “I don’t want to say that it’s happier, but when you see other people being able to do this and you’re very happy for them, it’s a different kind of happiness. From my perspective, I know that seeing He did this made me feel… So, when I got the approval, it was Monday night, I just finished the Bahrain Comic Con, I was in the Middle East, I flew to Pittsburgh. I landed very late, and then went [WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon’s] office. I have done a lot of tests before, but they have to do things that cross your T and embellish your I type. Dr. Maroon has left, but he left me a note, and in the end he just said,’Finally. You are cleared. I cried most of the time I returned to the airport hotel. I boarded the plane the next morning and flew to Texas, announcing that I could wrestle again. I think I was heavily bombed on an apron or something, you know what happened. But this is super, super emotional, like a roller coaster.

“When it happens to someone else, it’s not a roller coaster. They don’t have a roller coaster. It’s just pure joy. I don’t even know that it will happen or is about to happen. He has a triple fusion around his neck. I don’t know any athlete. Coming back from that game. When he was cleared, he was just, “Oh my God! awesome! “When it’s someone else, it just feels different, because you didn’t deal with the trough, you just spent the last big joy there.”

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